We Are All Onesie

March 8th, 2015

Acro Yoga + Dance + Elixirs

Celebrating Sunday in the best way possible.. in our ONESIES.

As our onesie-wearing, face-painted guests walked in, they were greeted with invigorating shots of Synchro Gold to wake up the body and get the blood pumping. Starting the afternoon with an Acro Yoga class lead by one of Bay Area's top teachers we learned to fly like a bird and flip into star. Desconocido kept the vibes going with the deepest tunes while Brilliant Elixirs served up delicious drinks for all to enjoy. An afternoon of movement, smiles, dance and amazing vibes. 

Wake up the right way.


Concept + Experience Designer, Vibe Curator, Host


Brilliant Elixirs, Synchro, Mikka Minx, Desconocido