Intuitive Wisdom Series : SoulCollage®

September 13th 2015

And afternoon of sisterhood, self exploration, art, tea and relaxation.

- Intuitive Wisdom -

The belief we, ourselves, possess the higher wisdom shared by many masters and teachers. The belief we already hold the answers to our questions. We are our best guides.

For the first gathering in the Intuitive Wisdom Series we partnered up with Beth Dyer who lead us through an intuitive and fun art process called SoulCollage®. We explored the teachings of our Beings through creating our very own deck of cards from magazine cut outs and personal photos, symbolizing different aspects and layers of ourselves. This deck can be used for daily guidance and as a tool for self discovery. 

Our invite.


Concept co-lead, Workshop Facilitator, Host

Today I met a beautiful group of women. We sipped tea and shared stories about what our creativity sounded like as it spoke to us through found images. We collaged and reminded each other we are in this crazy life together. One woman shared with me the saying “life is a trap” - always pulling you away from yourself - giving you an excuse to not dig deeper. It’s taken a fair amount of personal development to be vulnerable around other women. Not shy away from the sisterhood that can be shared even amongst strangers. Feeling gratitude for the Bay Area’s vast community of like minded ladies. Looking forward to seeing many again soon.
— Emily Roth, Oakland CA