Revive Retreat

November 13th-16th 2014

18 humans - from artist, and entrepreneurs, to healers and innovators - gathered for 4 days and 3 nights to explore the a deeper connection to Self and community through an experimental workshop schedule including:

  • hypnotherapy
  • yoga
  • sound healing
  • group conversations
  • meditation
  • foot reflexology + massage
  • slack-line + board games
  • raw chocolate class
  • mindful walks
  • interactive art
  • movement and dance
  • farm-to-table meals prepared by our in-house holistic chef 

At our opening ceremony on Thursday, we created space in our hearts for genuine curiosity and openness to all the different forms of explorations we were about to embark on. By Sunday, it was hard to say goodbye.  A strong sense of connection between each and everyone had been made, and a deeper understanding of our own inner workings had been unraveled. Just like that... Magic happened.

Our invite.


Concept and Experience Co-Lead, Workshop Facilitator, Host


This past weekend was one of the most powerful I have ever experienced. It was something right in the middle of my most magical dream state and the realist shit I’ve ever felt. I never knew my mind could take me to such a place and never knew the joy and togetherness that we were able to create and reveal through our sound therapy and hypnosis sessions. Together we were all able to heal or discover something within ourselves and each other from everyone being as opened as they could, and from these beautiful therapies that were provided. So THANK YOU ALL, every single one of you who shared this weekend with me because every single conversation and energy contributed to my personal growth and healing that happened at Revive. Special thanks to Barbara and Briana for making this a thing. I will always be reminded and be striving for that feeling I got from Revive. Hopefully this continues on for a long time.
— Nicole Hardwick, San Francisco CA
I have been practicing mindfulness for about a year now and felt this was the perfect balance of profound experiences whether it be the healing sessions or casual conversations with other Revivers. The Four Springs Retreat Center was the most amazing location, the length of the retreat was perfect, and the food was a perfect blend of delicious and healthy. Can’t wait for the next one!
— Melissa Hauser, San Francisco CA
I attended Barbara and Briana’s Revive retreat not really knowing what to expect. It ended up being so much more than I ever could have imagined! The retreat was held at Four Springs in Middletown. The location could not have been better suited for self-reflection and self care. The trees, the hills, the small cabins, the forest sauna, treatment rooms and gathering spaces were all so conductive to channeling positive energy and healing. The thought and planning and gentle, considerate care with which they planned the daily schedule of offerings was beautiful. Each day was loosely crafted and centered around detoxing and time for de-stressing and being self directed. We were each given beautiful journals and encouraged to write our dreams and our gratitudes. The activity schedule was not strict, to cause anxiety about rushing from place to place. Each person was allowed to transition smoothly in their own time, and to participate or not, as they felt ready. Barbara and Briana created such a lovely and loving space for the group and allowed the group dynamic to create the natural flow. The healers and meditation sessions were absolutely amazing and life changing, providing us with new resources to help us understand being present again in our bodies and practicing new techniques of meditation for our minds. I found that being present and aware in such a place of natural beauty with a group of spiritual and like-minded people, I was receiving so many messages that I was able to really be still and listen, and I was able to grow in profound ways. Besides the beautiful, healthful food and massage sessions, I absolutely loved the dancing, singing, goddess cards, clay sculpture, aromatherapy, new hair style, live art sessions, hanging out with the resident kitty cat, and so much more. It was an absolute feast for the senses! And while my mind might crave more structure and more analysis, I actually think the natural flow and open loving acceptance of organic group dynamics was supremely perfect. The lessons of this weekend sit with me still, and will forever, and I am profoundly thankful to Barbara and Briana for the sweet care they took to create such a magical weekend that touched all of our souls to the very core.
— Becky Shafi, Lafayette CA