We are all together in this impermanent dance with life

My message is one of CONNECTION

Connection to our environment, connection to each other, and at the core connection to ourselves.

Bem vindo, I am Barbara.

I am a community leader, experience + space designer,  creative producer, light warrior, Jedi master

I am here to build sustainable communities. I am here to empower others to live their full potential through self love. I am here to create a healthier, and more intentionally connected society.

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I curate and activate community spaces that foster intentional living, I build sisterhoods, I inspire change through creative and artful experiences, I lead workshops, talks, retreats, and co-create with companies/brands/artists who seek to innovate society and build a more connected and sustainable present. 



Because we have just barely began to scratch the surface of human potential.

Because through self-love we are capable of making healthier life choices, of building healthier relationships and creating from a state of presence

Because in order to create a more compassionate society we must come together as communities.

Because through building innovative and sustainable community spaces we are better able to positively impact our cities -> our states -> our countries -> and the world as a whole.

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What I am answering?

All my creations come from a passion to answer these questions..

Are there better ways to co-exist in a city? How can we intentionally redesign community to feel more emotionally fulfilled and financially supported? 

Has our extreme modernization caused us the health and emotional issues we experience today? How can we integrate ancient practices into our modern lives to improve our human potential?  

Is our world out of balance? How will the empowerment of women* shift the society we live in today? And what does that* mean?  

How can we consume in a sustainable way? How do our daily choices shape our future? 

Can we create what we are not? How do we change the world from the inside out?

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Feeling Inspired...

Me too! 

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If you feel called to create together I would love to hear from you. I believe community building is just as important in business as it is in our personal lives. We must heal our collective wound of isolation and come together as co-creators. The future of business is one of intentional collaborations, community support and big picture thinking.