February 7th, 2015

A celebration of endulgent love

The experience began before you entered.. 

In a secret location in San Francisco, guests followed a trail of candles leading them to a door where only a one-of-a-kind custom made key unlocked your entrance into the party. Upon entering you were given a taste of each elixir flavor at our Elixir and Kava Kava Bar - no alcohol served - all the buzz without the booze. Deep house welcomed you into the dance-floor where shoes were optional with ample room to groove. When your feet started to get tired you found your way into our Body Love Room where beds and pillows lined the floor. As you lounged, you were handed a cup of Puerh from our Gong Fu Cha (Chinese Tea Ceremony) area, and a bite of raw chocolate truffle. Our incredible body workers lead you to their massage table where you were given complementary bodywork, and threw you upside on their swing set for a "body buffing" experience. Wanting to indulge, you entered our Artisan Bazaar where our local and ethically-made vendors provided you with hand-crafted natural body products, artisan clothing and jewelry. The deep beats brought you back to the dance-floor where you watched a fashion show by Jammin' on Haight and the incredible Matt Milano live painting one of his latest master-pieces - that you ended up winning in our raffle. As the night came to an end, we gathered in a circle for one giant group hug.

You are loved.


Concept + Experience Designer co-lead, Vibe Curator, Talent Booker, Host


Matt Milano ArtBrilliant Elixir, Jammin' On Haight, Minx Chocolates, Bliss Works, GigiMoll Design