The Journey

Holistic healing practices and eastern philosophies came into my life at a young age through my mother's guidance. After experiencing energy healing for the first time, I insisted that I too would learn, and at 8 years old I became a practitioner. 

I was raised without consuming western medication (not even Advil), being treated instead with homeopathic medicine and hours of energy healing. I grew up strong and healthy.

At 16 years old I was certified in Nature Farming a farming technique which goes beyond the use of organic products, to viewing and treating our soil as sacred to grow the highest vibrational produce possible.

My challenge as a model to always be very fit served as a catalyst to discover what it means to really be healthy, and to find a diet that not only allowed me to stay at the top of my fitness, but also resonated with my life philosophy.

After experiencing life changing results from my first cleanse, I have since been diving deep into the studies of holistic nutrition. Viewing food not only as a source of nourishment for our bodies, but most importantly as a powerful energy source for our beings.

Over the next couple of decades I have continued my studies coming across different teachers of all forms - plants, sounds, movement, physics, and shamans - who have helped me learn, heal, and grow exponentially.



A Combination of Johrei, crystal chakra alignment, and mantra chants. 

Gong Fu Cha Dao

Using tea as a tool for intentional connection.

The Warriors Breath

Naturally activate your pineal glad. Calm down your nervous system. Regulate Qi flow.