Experience Design

- The art of social alchemy -

I design for the moments in between. For the feelings of wonder, connection and exploration.

I bring intention and a higher purpose to all I do and create. Social gatherings have the power to shift ways of thinking, feeling, and seeing the world. So how can we design experiences that cultivate inspiration? Experiences that foster social evolution and drive our human potential? 

Wether I am designing my own experiences or collaborating on one - my intention is always connection.

How will this experience connect people? How will it make them feel? What different elements will enhance the sensory experience of the participant? How can I challenge mainstream social gatherings with positive twists and unexpected elements? 

I weave ancient practices with modern culture, I merge communities, collaborate with progressive brands, companies and artists. I find creative ways to approach common happenings and bring more ritual into our everyday lives - but above all... I take having fun very seriously. 

I am passionate about working with clients and collaborators who are seeking innovative approaches to the art of bringing people together. I have curated gatherings and events ranging from weekend retreats and day workshops to music events and experiential parties. See below.

In the last year I have teamed up with Natalie Stone and Alexa Eisner creating the design and production trio - Creator [Conceptions].

If you're interesting on learning more or would like to chat about creating together, I'd love to hear from you..


Retreats and Workshops

Experiential Parties